Trend-following funds

Exploit opportunities - Limit losses

Trend-following funds exploit the opportunities presented by rising stock markets, while limiting losses during phases when the stock markets are falling. This is because trend-following funds are flexible, investing in the countries and sectors with the best prospects for returns. In phases when stock markets are falling, investments are shifted to more secure funds and safer investment positions with the aim of limiting larger losses. 

Overview of our trend-following funds

The crux of our trend-following approach


Proactive adjustment of equity allocations plays a crucial role in our trend-following funds. Positioning of the fund is highly flexible and continuously adapted to the financial market situation.

Brief explanation of trend-following funds (in German)

Trend-following funds for every investor

The right investment solution for every position

Investing in trend-following funds is a bit like a game of soccer. Success relies on having the best players in the right positions on the field. Likewise, with our trend-following funds, you have the choice of three different approaches as: a defensive expert, a midfield strategist, or a top striker. 


Defensive expert

For the cautious investor: BFI C-QUADRAT ARTS Conservative


Midfield strategist

For the equitable investor: BFI C-QUADRAT ARTS Balanced


Top striker

For the growth-oriented investor: BFI C-QUADRAT ARTS Dynamic

Investing in funds that match my investment needs