Systematic funds

Overview of our systematic funds

Managing the equity ratio as an indicator: schematic illustration


Proactive adjustment of equity allocations plays a crucial role in our systematic funds. Positioning of the fund is highly flexible and continuously adapted to the financial market situation.

Flexible adjustment depending on stock market phase

Switching to lower-risk investments
As an investor, you always invest with the BFI Systematic Funds in financial markets in which good opportunities for your asset accumulation are established. In order to limit the losses for you as an investor as much as possible, the BFI Systematic Funds are gradually rebalanced in negative stock market phases. We also have the option of reducing the equity and bond component to as little as 0%. With this approach, losses can be limited for you and long loss phases can be avoided. In positive stock market phases, the bond portion can be reduced to 0% with the aim of exploiting the opportunities in the market.

Success through decisions free of emotions

Anyone who invests money knows that this is rarely done free of emotions. Thus, many wrong decisions are made due to fears of losses or euphoria in the pursuit of profits. This is only human, but also avoidable. That is why allocation in the BFI Systematic Funds is carried out by complex computer-assisted algorithms that identify only the most promising investments. Purely systematic.

Exploit opportunities - Limit losses

Recipe for success, active change of the share quota
The aim of the system-supported management of the equity quota is to have a significant positive influence on the long-term performance. The basis for this is our systematic approach, which reacts quickly and flexibly to the respective market situation.

Systematic funds for every investor

The right investment solution for every position

With the Systematic Funds, it's like on the football pitch. Only the optimal distribution of all positions ensures success. Just as there are different positions on the pitch in football, with our Systematic funds you also have the option of choosing from three different orientations: Defensive Expert, Midfield Strategist and Top Striker. 

Baloise Asset Management, as your reliable Swiss asset manager of investment funds, offers you a solution with the systematic approach of the BFI Systematic funds, which has been specially designed for fluctuating market phases.


Defensive expert

For the cautious investor: BFI Systematic Conservative


Midfield strategist

For the equitable investor: BFI Systematic Balanced


Top striker

For the growth-oriented investor: BFI Systematic Dynamic

Investing in funds that match my investment needs