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Progress strategy fund

Midfield strategist - BFI Progress


As well as appreciating a well-balanced investment, you consider opportunities for returns and continuity of earnings to be of equal importance and are prepared, therefore, to accept fluctuations in performance in order to increase the returns on your assets.

  • BFI Progress invests worldwide in equities and bonds. The fund pursues a balanced strategy by investing worldwide in equities and fixed-income securities in roughly equal proportions.
  • BFI Progress (EUR): Equity allocation of up to 65%
  • BFI Progress (CHF): Equity allocation of up to 50% Investors resident in Switzerland can use these funds for their private pension provision (Pillar 3a).
  • Available in Swiss francs and in euros.
  • Designed with equitable investors in mind.

In 2017, the strategy fund BFI Progress (EUR) with Baloise Asset Management as fund manager received the Lipper Fund Award for the best Swiss-approved balanced mixed fund over a ten-year period. The BFI Progress (EUR) fund came top out of 29 comparable funds.

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