Strategy funds

The right tactics in every situation

Strategy funds are bespoke investment solutions tailored to your personal investment strategy. Thanks to broad diversification across various investment categories, they are a solid foundation upon which to accumulate assets.

Overview of strategy funds


Lipper -1 (2)

Philipp Bammerlin, Senior Portfolio Manager of the BFI Progress (EUR) fund, and Daniel Kuenzi, Head of Portfolio Management for Multi-Assets at Baloise Asset Management.

In the pan-European “mixed assets” category, Baloise Asset Management was honoured with the accolade of “Best Group Over 3 Years – Mixed Assets Small Company” in 2017. Baloise Asset Management was awarded the prize in honour of the outstanding performance of the range of strategic products under its management.

In addition, the strategy fund BFI Progress (EUR) with Baloise Asset Management as fund manager received the Lipper Fund Award for the best Swiss-approved balanced mixed fund over a ten-year period. By investing worldwide in bonds and equities, this fund combines the return opportunities of equities with the earnings continuity of fixed-income securities. The BFI Progress (EUR) fund came top out of 29 comparable funds.

Strategy funds for every investor

The right investment solution for every position

Investing in strategy funds is a bit like a game of soccer. Success relies on having the best players in the right positions on the field. Just as a soccer team has three different parts, our strategy funds let you choose between three different types of player: a defensive expert, a midfield strategist, and a top striker.


Defensive expert

For the cautious investor: BFI Active


Midfield strategist

For the equitable investor: BFI Progress


Top striker

For the growth-oriented investor: BFI Dynamic

Investing in funds that match my investment needs.