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Optimising your investment strategy

Take advantage of our years of experience in professionally managing our own assets and those of our clients. We will put together an investment strategy tailored to your investment goals and an appraisal of the market based on a comprehensive macro-economic analysis. We will give you access to the same investment solutions we use when managing our own assets.

Baloise ALM Basic – the fast, simple way to analyse ALM

With our asset liability management (ALM) study, we develop a recommendation for your strategic asset allocation using our stochastic ALM model. The aim is to ensure long-term funding for the pension obligations in your pension fund with a high degree of probability.

Baloise ALM Basic is the simple analysis tool to ensure long-term funding for your obligations. We create an analysis of the financial situation of your pension fund in real time and help you to optimise your investment strategy. This allows you to benefit from our many years of experience in ALM in the occupational pensions field.

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If you opt for a mandate solution, you can deposit your assets in a custody account with the Zurich branch of BNP Paribas Securities, Paris. Whether looking after their own deposits or those of their clients, Baloise Asset Management and BNP Paribas have enjoyed a successful collaboration for many years in this field. As a result, we are able to make you attractive offers with fully automated processes.


Our monthly investment report provides you with a portfolio cockpit and early-warning system for the most important management parameters, all in a clear and concise format. Besides the relevant performance and risk indicators, a detailed statement of assets, and comprehensive transaction lists, the investment report also includes proof of compliance with investment guidelines and regulatory requirements.

Securities bookkeeping

We take care of securities bookkeeping for your mandate solution in our Simcorp Dimension securities system, and measure your securities according to Swiss GAAP FER. The respective closing dates and the scope of current reports are tailored to your individual requirements.

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