Baloise Global Bonds CHF Optimized

The Fund «Baloise Fund Invest (CH) - IF Global Bonds CHF
Optimized" invests in the world's most attractive bond markets from the perspective of Swiss investors. The investment strategy is oriented towards not to be benchmarked and thus enables the a maximum of flexibility. The fund thus offers an attractive risk-return profile currency hedged in Swiss franc (CHF).

“The exemption from benchmark requirements leaves room for manoeuvre for a sustainable Added value for your portfolio. Follow the active investment policy of Baloise.”


Blaise Roduit, Senior Portfoliomanager
Baloise Asset Management 

Swiss Franc Bonds Optimized

The investment vehicle invests in fixed-interest securities and money market instruments denominated in CHF in Switzerland and abroad. The quota of domestic and foreign debtors is actively managed in order to increase the return opportunities. The selection of bonds is based on the benchmark Swiss Bond Index Total.

The Baloise Investment Foundation takes into account bonds issued by the Swiss Confederation, the cantons and municipalities as well as bonds issued by Swiss public-law corporations and first-class companies domiciled in Switzerland and abroad.

“Take advantage of our many years of experience – we apply the same philosophy and expertise when investing your assets as we do when investing our own.”


Julian Wiedmer, Senior Portfoliomanager
Baloise Asset Management 

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