Asset management is our art

Baloise Real Estate

Take advantage of our combined expertise

Our Real Estate division combines the specialist knowledge, experience and expertise of more than 60 real estate specialists. More than 150 years of experience in asset management of real estate investments have taught us to manage real estate portfolios with an interdisciplinary and holistic view, so that we can meet your expectations with regard to asset protection and earnings security. With our broad expertise, we develop structures and solutions tailored to your needs on the basis of proven concepts. In doing so, we align ourselves to current market conditions and thus ensure that we can offer you not only proven products and real estate services for insurance, but also new future-oriented solutions.

Our expertise for Baloise’s real estate investments

Because we manage the direct Swiss real estate investments of the group companies of Baloise Group as well as the pension fund of Baloise Insurance, we have many years of comprehensive real estate expertise in the regulated institutional environment. You can find out more about Baloise Real Estate at

“Use the broad-based skills and expertise of Baloise Real Estate – all from a single source.”


Dieter Kräuchi, Head Real Estate

Baloise Park

Our expertise for Baloise Park until 2020 in Basel

Our broad expertise is particularly evident in the current project development of Baloise Park. Until 2020, Baloise is building Baloise Park on the site between Aeschengraben, Parkweg and Nauenstrasse in Basel. The new Baloise Park will shape the cityscape and reflect Baloise’s commitment to the city on the Rhine. All information and contributions to the Baloise Park construction project can be found at

Infracore SA

Expertise in healthcare real estate and infrastructure

Baloise Insurance Ltd has acquired a strategic 20 per cent stake in Infracore Ltd as part of its real estate investments. With this step into the healthcare real estate market, Baloise Insurance Ltd is diversifying its indirect real estate investments in Switzerland. The 34 properties in Infracore Ltd’s portfolio have long lease terms and are investment properties with a strong position in the Swiss private clinic business.


Sustainable property management

Baloise is one of the largest property owners in Switzerland. For us as a responsible investor, sustainable real estate investments and long-term returns are closely linked. For the benefit of our policyholders and investors, we use responsible property management to secure our earning power on a sustainable basis and improve the value of our properties.

In order to optimize the energy efficiency of our building stock, we strive to reduce energy consumption primarily through the renovation of older buildings and replacement buildings, in addition to the acquisition of properties, portfolios and new construction projects. Our tenants benefit from lower operating costs. This can help to retain existing tenants and, on the other hand, to attract new tenants.

Our investment decisions combine financial goals, ecology and social challenges. In the case of new construction projects, we strive for certification - in the case of renovations, this is checked on a situational basis. For this purpose, the consumption figures (energy and water consumption) of the properties are systematically recorded and evaluated. With the help of the cantonal building energy certificate (GEAK), the energy efficiency of each property is determined and concrete measures for improvement are derived.

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